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Genmega ATM Machines

Adding flexibility to your business

Genmega introduces the G2500 series ATM. Designed for retail and off-premise locations, the G2500 comes loaded with all the features you expect, and also provides additional hardware configuration choices allowing you to custom fit each machine to the needs of your customer or location.

The G2500 comes standard with an 8" high-resolution wide-screen LCD, which can be upgraded to a 10.2" touchscreen. The receipt printer can also be upgraded to a 3" graphics-capable for custom branding or coupons. The integrated topper can also be paired with a selection of energy-efficient LED toppers to add visual impact and attract customers. In addition to the fixed, removable and multi cash cassette dispenser options offered by Genmega, the G2500 can also support cash dispensers from other equipment suppliers, providing more flexibility and upgrade options for existing deployments.


  • Optional LED Topper Sign
  • Can accept custom inserts

Integrated Illuminated Sign
  • High Visibility LED Sign
  • Attract Customers

LCD Screen

  • 8 inch diagonal 32-blt color
  • BacklitTFT LCD panel
  • 800 x 480 Resolution
  • 10.2" touch-screen Optional
  • Customizable Ad Screens


  • 56mm (2" standard)
  • 80mm (3" optional)
  • Graphics Capable with 3"

PIN Entry Device

  • 16-key alphanumeric keypad
  • PCI / lnterac Certified
  • Trlple•DES (TOES) EPP
  • S6Kb lnternal modem
  • TCPIP Ethernet • SSL


  • Samsung 32-bit CPU
  • 64MBRAM/WinCE™ 5.0 os
  • Electronic Journal > 40K transactions


Card Reader

  • DIP Style Magnetic Card Reader
  • EMV Optional
  • ADA
  • Voice Guidance
  • Lighted Transaction Guidance
  • Accessible Keypad Layout


  • UL291 Business Hours Vault
  • Dial or Electronic Lock

Cash Dispenser

  • 800 Note Fixed Cassette (TCDU)
  • 1000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU)
  • 1700 Note Removable Cassette (MCDU)/li>
  • 2x1700 Note Multi-Cassette (MCDU)


  • Height= 56.3"
  • Width= 15.8"
  • Depth= 22.3"
  • Weight=206

Power Requirements:

  • 110/220VAC t 10%, 50/60 Hz. 145 Watts


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