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Free Seattle ATMs

One of the best ways to increase foot traffic to your business is by having an ATM machine. Owning an ATM machine can be costly though, especially after considering potential maintenance. At Cash Cow Services LLC, we offer Seattle businesses an alternative with our free ATM placement program. Using our placement program allows your customers to access an ATM without the need for a big overhead cost.

Cash Cow Services, LLC will install the ATM for free, will service any need and keep the machine supplied with cash. The client will receive .50 cents to 1 dollar on every transaction. Alternatively, if you fill the cash yourself, then cash cow and the client will split the transaction fee.

Qualifying for the ATM Placement Program

The majority of Seattle businesses qualify for our services. If your business is primarily cash based, or has at least 20 clients per day, we are able to offer you a comprehensive ATM package including:

  • - An ATM machine with various functions and capabilities
  • - Cash supply, supplied by Cash Cow Services, LLC
  • - Parts and labor for installation, and moving the ATM
  • - Access to our customer service phone line

*Each business taking part in our free ATM program receives a portion of each transaction fee at the end of every month.

Increase Foot Traffic, Accessibility, and Profit

As a business owner, your bottom line is what really matters when it comes to your business. Expanding your profit margin begins by increasing foot traffic and offering customers alternate methods of payment. Having an ATM on site not only makes your property a destination for passersby who need a place to withdraw cash; it increases cash flow by way of user transaction fees. Cash Cow Services’ free ATM placement program has been helping Seattle businesses grow for more than 10 years.

Our ATMs are reliable and we check up on them weekly. Call us now to find out how our free ATM placement program can help your business!

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