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Free ATM Program in Seattle, WA

Putting ATMs in Seattle Businesses for Free

Business owners in Seattle know that not everybody carries cash with them at all times. Offering the opportunity to withdraw cash at a moment’s notice can be a decisive factor in whether or not a potential customer enters your store, especially if your business is cash only. At Cash Cow Services LLC we work with Seattle business owners to ensure that they get the maximum foot traffic and maximum profit out of their location.

How Our Free ATM Program Works For You

Each of our partners that qualify for our program receives a top of the line ATM machine and our exclusive same day repair service guarantee. Profit is made by individual transactions that are typically charged between $1.50 and $3.00 per withdrawal. Cash Cow Services LLC receives a percentage of the fee, as well as the business hosting the ATM.

*Businesses in the Seattle area that have twenty or more customers per day qualify for our free ATM program

Each of the businesses we work with has their machine checked daily for any errors or updates. That way, cash only businesses never have to risk losing a customer!

And the best part is we stock the ATM for you!

Helping you Make Money

Having an ATM in a business location is a necessity for many Seattle businesses. But owning your own machine can be expensive and repairs can be costly. With Cash Cow Services LLC, Seattle business owners have access to a free ATM placement program that works for everyone and is guaranteed to make you money!

Call us today to find out if your business qualifies and receive your free ATM today!

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