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ATM Machines for Sale

Having an ATM machine in your place of business can significantly increase your opportunity to improve your bottom line. Because they contain money and can be difficult to fix, it is important that you purchase your ATM machine from a company that is trustworthy and reliable. Cash Cow Services, LLC has been in the ATM management business for more than 10 years and our special relationship with each of our Seattle customers allows us to provide them with the best service imaginable.

The client may by their own machine for $2200 and will be responsible for keeping the money stocked. We will perform all repairs and maintenance and will take .50 cents on every transaction.

The Advantages of Having an ATM Machine

  • 1. Increased customer accessibility; with the increased popularity and ease of credit and debit cards, many people don’t carry cash with them at all anymore. If your business is cash only, an ATM can double your potential client base.
  • 2. Increased foot traffic; offering passersby the option to withdraw money will increase foot traffic to your store. While these individuals may not have intended on visiting your store initially, but offering them an ATM puts them inside your store and turns them into potential customers.
  • 3. Increased profit; the ability to choose how much a customer pays for each ATM usage offers business owners the opportunity to earn money each time a customer uses the machine.
  • More People, More Money

Increased foot traffic means more money for a business, and the best way to start on the path to profit is by putting an ATM machine in your store. Cash Cow Services, LLC has a variety of machines, and the dedicated customer service needed to ensure each of our clients has what they need to start making money from their very own ATM machine.

Call us today and learn how you can buy your own ATM!

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